Stream Text-To-Speech

Text-To-Speech (TTS) can be played on stream and we have a variety of different kinds!

Start your message with the name of the TTS followed by the message.
Ana: Hello there!

If enabled, you can enter !yes into the chat to get a random voice to read all of your message aloud.
You may also type !yes followed by a number to pick a particular voice example: !yes52
If you don’t want your messages to not be read aloud anymore just type !no

# Command (Click to copy) Voice
1Microsoft Abeo Online (Natural) – English (Nigeria):
2Microsoft Ana Online (Natural) – English (United States):
3Microsoft Andrew Online (Natural) – English (United States):
4Microsoft AndrewMultilingual Online (Natural) – English (United States):
5Microsoft Aria Online (Natural) – English (United States):
6Microsoft Asilia Online (Natural) – English (Kenya):
7Microsoft Ava Online (Natural) – English (United States):
8Microsoft AvaMultilingual Online (Natural) – English (United States):
9Microsoft Brian Online (Natural) – English (United States):
10Microsoft BrianMultilingual Online (Natural) – English (United States):
11Microsoft Chilemba Online (Natural) – English (Kenya):
12Microsoft Christopher Online (Natural) – English (United States):
13Microsoft Clara Online (Natural) – English (Canada):
14Microsoft Connor Online (Natural) – English (Ireland):
15Microsoft Elimu Online (Natural) – English (Tanzania):
16Microsoft Emily Online (Natural) – English (Ireland):
17Microsoft Emma Online (Natural) – English (United States):
18Microsoft EmmaMultilingual Online (Natural) – English (United States):
19Microsoft Eric Online (Natural) – English (United States):
20Microsoft Ezinne Online (Natural) – English (Nigeria):
21Microsoft Guy Online (Natural) – English (United States):
22Microsoft Imani Online (Natural) – English (Tanzania):
23Microsoft James Online (Natural) – English (Philippines):
24Microsoft Jenny Online (Natural) – English (United States):
25Microsoft Leah Online (Natural) – English (South Africa):
26Microsoft Liam Online (Natural) – English (Canada):
27Microsoft Libby Online (Natural) – English (United Kingdom):
28Microsoft Luke Online (Natural) – English (South Africa):
29Microsoft Luna Online (Natural) – English (Singapore):
30Microsoft Maisie Online (Natural) – English (United Kingdom):
31Microsoft Michelle Online (Natural) – English (United States):
32Microsoft Mitchell Online (Natural) – English (New Zealand):
33Microsoft Molly Online (Natural) – English (New Zealand):
34Microsoft Natasha Online (Natural) – English (Australia):
35Microsoft Neerja Online (Natural) – English (India):
36Microsoft Neerja Online (Natural) – English (India) (Preview):
37Microsoft Prabhat Online (Natural) – English (India):
38Microsoft Roger Online (Natural) – English (United States):
39Microsoft Rosa Online (Natural) – English (Philippines):
40Microsoft Ryan Online (Natural) – English (United Kingdom):
41Microsoft Sam Online (Natural) – English (Hongkong):
42Microsoft Sonia Online (Natural) – English (United Kingdom):
43Microsoft Steffan Online (Natural) – English (United States):
44Microsoft Thomas Online (Natural) – English (United Kingdom):
45Microsoft Wayne Online (Natural) – English (Singapore):
46Microsoft William Online (Natural) – English (Australia):
47Microsoft Yan Online (Natural) – English (Hongkong):
48Microsoft Adri Online (Natural) – Afrikaans (South Africa):
49Microsoft Willem Online (Natural) – Afrikaans (South Africa):
50Microsoft Anila Online (Natural) – Albanian (Albania):
51Microsoft Ilir Online (Natural) – Albanian (Albania):
52Microsoft Ameha Online (Natural) – Amharic (Ethiopia):
53Microsoft Mekdes Online (Natural) – Amharic (Ethiopia):
54Microsoft Abdullah Online (Natural) – Arabic (Oman):
55Microsoft Ali Online (Natural) – Arabic (Bahrain):
56Microsoft Amal Online (Natural) – Arabic (Qatar):
57Microsoft Amany Online (Natural) – Arabic (Syria):
58Microsoft Amina Online (Natural) – Arabic (Algeria):
59Microsoft Aysha Online (Natural) – Arabic (Oman):
60Microsoft Bassel Online (Natural) – Arabic (Iraq):
61Microsoft Fahed Online (Natural) – Arabic (Kuwait):
62Microsoft Fatima Online (Natural) – Arabic (United Arab Emirates):
63Microsoft Hamdan Online (Natural) – Arabic (United Arab Emirates):
64Microsoft Hamed Online (Natural) – Arabic (Saudi Arabia):
65Microsoft Hedi Online (Natural) – Arabic (Tunisia):
66Microsoft Iman Online (Natural) – Arabic (Libya):
67Microsoft Ismael Online (Natural) – Arabic (Algeria):
68Microsoft Jamal Online (Natural) – Arabic (Morocco):
69Microsoft Laila Online (Natural) – Arabic (Bahrain):
70Microsoft Laith Online (Natural) – Arabic (Syria):
71Microsoft Layla Online (Natural) – Arabic (Lebanon):
72Microsoft Maryam Online (Natural) – Arabic (Yemen):
73Microsoft Moaz Online (Natural) – Arabic (Qatar):
74Microsoft Mouna Online (Natural) – Arabic (Morocco):
75Microsoft Noura Online (Natural) – Arabic (Kuwait):
76Microsoft Omar Online (Natural) – Arabic (Libya):
77Microsoft Rami Online (Natural) – Arabic (Lebanon):
78Microsoft Rana Online (Natural) – Arabic (Iraq):
79Microsoft Reem Online (Natural) – Arabic (Tunisia):
80Microsoft Saleh Online (Natural) – Arabic (Yemen):
81Microsoft Salma Online (Natural) – Arabic (Egypt):
82Microsoft Sana Online (Natural) – Arabic (Jordan):
83Microsoft Shakir Online (Natural) – Arabic (Egypt):
84Microsoft Taim Online (Natural) – Arabic (Jordan):
85Microsoft Zariyah Online (Natural) – Arabic (Saudi Arabia):
86Microsoft Babek Online (Natural) – Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan):
87Microsoft Banu Online (Natural) – Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan):
88Microsoft Bashkar Online (Natural) – Bangla (India):
89Microsoft Nabanita Online (Natural) – Bangla (Bangladesh):
90Microsoft Pradeep Online (Natural) – Bangla (Bangladesh):
91Microsoft Tanishaa Online (Natural) – Bengali (India):
92Microsoft Goran Online (Natural) – Bosnian (Bosnia):
93Microsoft Vesna Online (Natural) – Bosnian (Bosnia):
94Microsoft Borislav Online (Natural) – Bulgarian (Bulgaria):
95Microsoft Kalina Online (Natural) – Bulgarian (Bulgaria):
96Microsoft Nilar Online (Natural) – Burmese (Myanmar):
97Microsoft Thiha Online (Natural) – Burmese (Myanmar):
98Microsoft Enric Online (Natural) – Catalan (Spain):
99Microsoft Joana Online (Natural) – Catalan (Spain):
100Microsoft HiuGaai Online (Natural) – Chinese (Cantonese Traditional):
101Microsoft HiuMaan Online (Natural) – Chinese (Hong Kong):
102Microsoft HsiaoChen Online (Natural) – Chinese (Taiwan):
103Microsoft HsiaoYu Online (Natural) – Chinese (Taiwanese Mandarin):
104Microsoft WanLung Online (Natural) – Chinese (Hong Kong):
105Microsoft Xiaobei Online (Natural) – Chinese (Northeastern Mandarin):
106Microsoft Xiaoni Online (Natural) – Chinese (Zhongyuan Mandarin Shaanxi):
107Microsoft Xiaoxiao Online (Natural) – Chinese (Mainland):
108Microsoft Xiaoyi Online (Natural) – Chinese (Mainland):
109Microsoft YunJhe Online (Natural) – Chinese (Taiwan):
110Microsoft Yunjian Online (Natural) – Chinese (Mainland):
111Microsoft Yunxi Online (Natural) – Chinese (Mainland):
112Microsoft Yunxia Online (Natural) – Chinese (Mainland):
113Microsoft Yunyang Online (Natural) – Chinese (Mainland):
114Microsoft Gabrijela Online (Natural) – Croatian (Croatia):
115Microsoft Srecko Online (Natural) – Croatian (Croatia):
116Microsoft Antonin Online (Natural) – Czech (Czech):
117Microsoft Vlasta Online (Natural) – Czech (Czech):
118Microsoft Christel Online (Natural) – Danish (Denmark):
119Microsoft Jeppe Online (Natural) – Danish (Denmark):
120Microsoft Arnaud Online (Natural) – Dutch (Belgium):
121Microsoft Colette Online (Natural) – Dutch (Netherlands):
122Microsoft Dena Online (Natural) – Dutch (Belgium):
123Microsoft Fenna Online (Natural) – Dutch (Netherlands):
124Microsoft Maarten Online (Natural) – Dutch (Netherlands):
125Microsoft Anu Online (Natural) – Estonian (Estonia):
126Microsoft Kert Online (Natural) – Estonian (Estonia):
127Microsoft Angelo Online (Natural) – Filipino (Philippines):
128Microsoft Blessica Online (Natural) – Filipino (Philippines):
129Microsoft Harri Online (Natural) – Finnish (Finland):
130Microsoft Noora Online (Natural) – Finnish (Finland):
131Microsoft Antoine Online (Natural) – French (Canada):
132Microsoft Ariane Online (Natural) – French (Switzerland):
133Microsoft Charline Online (Natural) – French (Belgium):
134Microsoft Denise Online (Natural) – French (France):
135Microsoft Eloise Online (Natural) – French (France):
136Microsoft Fabrice Online (Natural) – French (Switzerland):
137Microsoft Gerard Online (Natural) – French (Belgium):
138Microsoft Henri Online (Natural) – French (France):
139Microsoft Jean Online (Natural) – French (Canada):
140Microsoft RemyMultilingual Online (Natural) – French (France):
141Microsoft Sylvie Online (Natural) – French (Canada):
142Microsoft Thierry Online (Natural) – French (Canada):
143Microsoft VivienneMultilingual Online (Natural) – French (France):
144Microsoft Roi Online (Natural) – Galician (Spain):
145Microsoft Sabela Online (Natural) – Galician (Spain):
146Microsoft Eka Online (Natural) – Georgian (Georgia):
147Microsoft Giorgi Online (Natural) – Georgian (Georgia):
148Microsoft Amala Online (Natural) – German (Germany):
149Microsoft Conrad Online (Natural) – German (Germany):
150Microsoft FlorianMultilingual Online (Natural) – German (Germany):
151Microsoft Ingrid Online (Natural) – German (Austria):
152Microsoft Jan Online (Natural) – German (Switzerland):
153Microsoft Jonas Online (Natural) – German (Austria):
154Microsoft Katja Online (Natural) – German (Germany):
155Microsoft Killian Online (Natural) – German (Germany):
156Microsoft Leni Online (Natural) – German (Switzerland):
157Microsoft SeraphinaMultilingual Online (Natural) – German (Germany):
158Microsoft Athina Online (Natural) – Greek (Greece):
159Microsoft Nestoras Online (Natural) – Greek (Greece):
160Microsoft Dhwani Online (Natural) – Gujarati (India):
161Microsoft Niranjan Online (Natural) – Gujarati (India):
162Microsoft Avri Online (Natural) – Hebrew (Israel):
163Microsoft Hila Online (Natural) – Hebrew (Israel):
164Microsoft Madhur Online (Natural) – Hindi (India):
165Microsoft Swara Online (Natural) – Hindi (India):
166Microsoft Noemi Online (Natural) – Hungarian (Hungary):
167Microsoft Tamas Online (Natural) – Hungarian (Hungary):
168Microsoft Gudrun Online (Natural) – Icelandic (Iceland):
169Microsoft Gunnar Online (Natural) – Icelandic (Iceland):
170Microsoft Ardi Online (Natural) – Indonesian (Indonesia):
171Microsoft Gadis Online (Natural) – Indonesian (Indonesia):
172Microsoft Colm Online (Natural) – Irish (Ireland):
173Microsoft Orla Online (Natural) – Irish (Ireland):
174Microsoft Diego Online (Natural) – Italian (Italy):
175Microsoft Elsa Online (Natural) – Italian (Italy):
176Microsoft Giuseppe Online (Natural) – Italian (Italy):
177Microsoft Isabella Online (Natural) – Italian (Italy):
178Microsoft Keita Online (Natural) – Japanese (Japan):
179Microsoft Nanami Online (Natural) – Japanese (Japan):
180Microsoft Dimas Online (Natural) – Javanese (Indonesia):
181Microsoft Siti Online (Natural) – Javanese (Indonesia):
182Microsoft Gagan Online (Natural) – Kannada (India):
183Microsoft Sapna Online (Natural) – Kannada (India):
184Microsoft Aigul Online (Natural) – Kazakh (Kazakhstan):
185Microsoft Daulet Online (Natural) – Kazakh (Kazakhstan):
186Microsoft Piseth Online (Natural) – Khmer (Cambodia):
187Microsoft Sreymom Online (Natural) – Khmer (Cambodia):
188Microsoft Hyunsu Online (Natural) – Korean (Korea):
189Microsoft InJoon Online (Natural) – Korean (Korea):
190Microsoft SunHi Online (Natural) – Korean (Korea):
191Microsoft Chanthavong Online (Natural) – Lao (Laos):
192Microsoft Keomany Online (Natural) – Lao (Laos):
193Microsoft Everita Online (Natural) – Latvian (Latvia):
194Microsoft Nils Online (Natural) – Latvian (Latvia):
195Microsoft Leonas Online (Natural) – Lithuanian (Lithuania):
196Microsoft Ona Online (Natural) – Lithuanian (Lithuania):
197Microsoft Aleksandar Online (Natural) – Macedonian (Republic of North Macedonia):
198Microsoft Marija Online (Natural) – Macedonian (Republic of North Macedonia):
199Microsoft Osman Online (Natural) – Malay (Malaysia):
200Microsoft Yasmin Online (Natural) – Malay (Malaysia):
201Microsoft Midhun Online (Natural) – Malayalam (India):
202Microsoft Sobhana Online (Natural) – Malayalam (India):
203Microsoft Grace Online (Natural) – Maltese (Malta):
204Microsoft Joseph Online (Natural) – Maltese (Malta):
205Microsoft Aarohi Online (Natural) – Marathi (India):
206Microsoft Manohar Online (Natural) – Marathi (India):
207Microsoft Bataa Online (Natural) – Mongolian (Mongolia):
208Microsoft Yesui Online (Natural) – Mongolian (Mongolia):
209Microsoft Hemkala Online (Natural) – Nepali (Nepal):
210Microsoft Sagar Online (Natural) – Nepali (Nepal):
211Microsoft Finn Online (Natural) – Norwegian (Bokmål Norway):
212Microsoft Pernille Online (Natural) – Norwegian (Bokmål, Norway):
213Microsoft GulNawaz Online (Natural) – Pashto (Afghanistan):
214Microsoft Latifa Online (Natural) – Pashto (Afghanistan):
215Microsoft Dilara Online (Natural) – Persian (Iran):
216Microsoft Farid Online (Natural) – Persian (Iran):
217Microsoft Marek Online (Natural) – Polish (Poland):
218Microsoft Zofia Online (Natural) – Polish (Poland):
219Microsoft Antonio Online (Natural) – Portuguese (Brazil):
220Microsoft Duarte Online (Natural) – Portuguese (Portugal):
221Microsoft Francisca Online (Natural) – Portuguese (Brazil):
222Microsoft Raquel Online (Natural) – Portuguese (Portugal):
223Microsoft Thalita Online (Natural) – Portuguese (Brazil):
224Microsoft Alina Online (Natural) – Romanian (Romania):
225Microsoft Emil Online (Natural) – Romanian (Romania):
226Microsoft Dmitry Online (Natural) – Russian (Russia):
227Microsoft Svetlana Online (Natural) – Russian (Russia):
228Microsoft Nicholas Online (Natural) – Serbian (Serbia):
229Microsoft Sophie Online (Natural) – Serbian (Serbia):
230Microsoft Sameera Online (Natural) – Sinhala (Sri Lanka):
231Microsoft Thilini Online (Natural) – Sinhala (Sri Lanka):
232Microsoft Lukas Online (Natural) – Slovak (Slovakia):
233Microsoft Viktoria Online (Natural) – Slovak (Slovakia):
234Microsoft Petra Online (Natural) – Slovenian (Slovenia):
235Microsoft Rok Online (Natural) – Slovenian (Slovenia):
236Microsoft Muuse Online (Natural) – Somali (Somalia):
237Microsoft Ubax Online (Natural) – Somali (Somalia):
238Microsoft Alex Online (Natural) – Spanish (Peru):
239Microsoft Alonso Online (Natural) – Spanish (United States):
240Microsoft Alvaro Online (Natural) – Spanish (Spain):
241Microsoft Andrea Online (Natural) – Spanish (Ecuador):
242Microsoft Andres Online (Natural) – Spanish (Guatemala):
243Microsoft Belkys Online (Natural) – Spanish (Cuba):
244Microsoft Camila Online (Natural) – Spanish (Peru):
245Microsoft Carlos Online (Natural) – Spanish (Honduras):
246Microsoft Catalina Online (Natural) – Spanish (Chile):
247Microsoft Dalia Online (Natural) – Spanish (Mexico):
248Microsoft Elena Online (Natural) – Spanish (Argentina):
249Microsoft Elvira Online (Natural) – Spanish (Spain):
250Microsoft Emilio Online (Natural) – Spanish (Dominican Republic):
251Microsoft Federico Online (Natural) – Spanish (Nicaragua):
252Microsoft Gonzalo Online (Natural) – Spanish (Colombia):
253Microsoft Javier Online (Natural) – Spanish (Equatorial Guinea):
254Microsoft Jorge Online (Natural) – Spanish (Mexico):
255Microsoft Juan Online (Natural) – Spanish (Costa Rica):
256Microsoft Karina Online (Natural) – Spanish (Puerto Rico):
257Microsoft Karla Online (Natural) – Spanish (Honduras):
258Microsoft Lorena Online (Natural) – Spanish (El Salvador):
259Microsoft Lorenzo Online (Natural) – Spanish (Chile):
260Microsoft Luis Online (Natural) – Spanish (Ecuador):
261Microsoft Manuel Online (Natural) – Spanish (Cuba):
262Microsoft Marcelo Online (Natural) – Spanish (Bolivia):
263Microsoft Margarita Online (Natural) – Spanish (Panama):
264Microsoft Maria Online (Natural) – Spanish (Costa Rica):
265Microsoft Mario Online (Natural) – Spanish (Paraguay):
266Microsoft Marta Online (Natural) – Spanish (Guatemala):
267Microsoft Mateo Online (Natural) – Spanish (Uruguay):
268Microsoft Paloma Online (Natural) – Spanish (United States):
269Microsoft Paola Online (Natural) – Spanish (Venezuela):
270Microsoft Ramona Online (Natural) – Spanish (Dominican Republic):
271Microsoft Roberto Online (Natural) – Spanish (Panama):
272Microsoft Rodrigo Online (Natural) – Spanish (El Salvador):
273Microsoft Salome Online (Natural) – Spanish (Colombia):
274Microsoft Sebastian Online (Natural) – Spanish (Venezuela):
275Microsoft Sofia Online (Natural) – Spanish (Bolivia):
276Microsoft Tania Online (Natural) – Spanish (Paraguay):
277Microsoft Teresa Online (Natural) – Spanish (Equatorial Guinea):
278Microsoft Tomas Online (Natural) – Spanish (Argentina):
279Microsoft Valentina Online (Natural) – Spanish (Uruguay):
280Microsoft Victor Online (Natural) – Spanish (Puerto Rico):
281Microsoft Ximena Online (Natural) – Spanish (Colombia):
282Microsoft Yolanda Online (Natural) – Spanish (Nicaragua):
283Microsoft Jajang Online (Natural) – Sundanese (Indonesia):
284Microsoft Tuti Online (Natural) – Sundanese (Indonesia):
285Microsoft Daudi Online (Natural) – Swahili (Tanzania):
286Microsoft Rafiki Online (Natural) – Swahili (Kenya):
287Microsoft Rehema Online (Natural) – Swahili (Tanzania):
288Microsoft Zuri Online (Natural) – Swahili (Kenya):
289Microsoft Mattias Online (Natural) – Swedish (Sweden):
290Microsoft Sofie Online (Natural) – Swedish (Sweden):
291Microsoft Anbu Online (Natural) – Tamil (Singapore):
292Microsoft Kani Online (Natural) – Tamil (Malaysia):
293Microsoft Kumar Online (Natural) – Tamil (Sri Lanka):
294Microsoft Pallavi Online (Natural) – Tamil (India):
295Microsoft Saranya Online (Natural) – Tamil (Sri Lanka):
296Microsoft Surya Online (Natural) – Tamil (Malaysia):
297Microsoft Valluvar Online (Natural) – Tamil (India):
298Microsoft Venba Online (Natural) – Tamil (Singapore):
299Microsoft Mohan Online (Natural) – Telugu (India):
300Microsoft Shruti Online (Natural) – Telugu (India):
301Microsoft Niwat Online (Natural) – Thai (Thailand):
302Microsoft Premwadee Online (Natural) – Thai (Thailand):
303Microsoft Ahmet Online (Natural) – Turkish (Turkey):
304Microsoft Emel Online (Natural) – Turkish (Turkey):
305Microsoft Ostap Online (Natural) – Ukrainian (Ukraine):
306Microsoft Polina Online (Natural) – Ukrainian (Ukraine):
307Microsoft Asad Online (Natural) – Urdu (Pakistan):
308Microsoft Gul Online (Natural) – Urdu (India):
309Microsoft Salman Online (Natural) – Urdu (India):
310Microsoft Uzma Online (Natural) – Urdu (Pakistan):
311Microsoft Madina Online (Natural) – Uzbek (Uzbekistan):
312Microsoft Sardor Online (Natural) – Uzbek (Uzbekistan):
313Microsoft HoaiMy Online (Natural) – Vietnamese (Vietnam):
314Microsoft NamMinh Online (Natural) – Vietnamese (Vietnam):
315Microsoft Aled Online (Natural) – Welsh (United Kingdom):
316Microsoft Nia Online (Natural) – Welsh (United Kingdom):
317Microsoft Thando Online (Natural) – Zulu (South Africa):
318Microsoft Themba Online (Natural) – Zulu (South Africa):

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